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I Can't Just "Block Matheus"


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UPDATE (03/22/2024)

There’s a part 2 of this now, with even worse things than what I described here.

UPDATE (12/20/2023)

I’m free.

Screenshot showing that I have blocked Mathues' main account Screenshot showing that I have blocked Mathues' alt account


All of my friends keep asking me to “just block Matheus” everytime he annoys me. But really, I can’t. It’s impossible for me to “just block him”. Now you may be asking, “why?”, and that’s why I made this blog post, to finally put this question to rest.

Who is “Matheus”?

Matheusify (better known as Matheus) is a YouTube creator focused on making analytical content, better known as “statistics content”. He’s also well known for his annoying behaviour, especially on Discord. He’s constantly harassing statistics creators, just like myself.

Why is Matheus “annoying”?

As stated above, he constantly harasses statistics creators, especially myself. He always messages me asking me things. And when I don’t respond, he spams me until I do. He also constantly asks me to do things, may it be changing one element in my stream or website, to completely changing my identity.

A case study: “Amy”

“Amy” (mostly displayed as “amy :3”) was my old transgender identity. Yes, I used to be transgender. I’ve since escaped, but I almost fell back into the trap multiple times, and one of the main factors is Matheus. When I was first thinking of being transgender, he kept asking me to just do it. He was very impatient. He wanted to see it happen right away, and so I did. Now I really regret listening to him, but can you really blame me when these are the messages he’s sending you?

Matheus asking me to change my profile picture Matheus asking me to change my username Matheus asking me if I will change my profile picture and username Matheus convincing me to keep going

Yes, those messages were sent in a timeframe of around 10 minutes. And yet, after all this, he still said that he didn’t like my “Amy” identity. Then why did you keep asking me to do it in the first place?

Another case study: The “Former Trans” incident

Recently, I made a Discord server for all my friends to hang out in. It was meant to be a good place for me to talk to all my friends in a touch of a button. But because Matheus is Matheus, he asked (and of course, pleaded for) me to give him admin on the server. And let’s just say that I regret doing that.

While I was sleeping on a Thursday, dreaming about classes finally ending, Matheus decided to strike a nerve against my best friend TERA, who was allegedly transgender, but has since escaped the rabbit hole and is now very against transgenders.

First, Matheus gives TERA a “Former Trans” role for no reason.

The member list of my friends server, showing TERA having the "Former Trans" role

He then starts trying to “expose” TERA for “being trans” (again, allegedly). TERA told him to stop because it was very annoying and unnecessary and according to him isn’t true, but he continues. His friend, Lean, tries to defend TERA and gets very pissed at him because of what he’s saying. TERA tells Lean to stop because Matheus is just an attention seeker (which, if you can’t tell from the previous examples, is very true), to which Matheus times out both TERA and Lean.

A screenshot from TERA, showing that he was timed out for 7 days

After that, Matheus quickly deletes all the messages they sent regarding the situation (which according to TERA, probably out of fear of getting banned), and then he locks the general chat.

A screenshot from TERA, showing that the general chat was locked

And just to remind you, this all happened while I was asleep.

Why can’t I just block Matheus?

This is the part that I’ve been waiting to talk about. After all of that proof, you may be wondering to yourself, “if he’s this annoying, why can’t you just block him?”, and you bring a fair point. I could just hit the “Block” button and move on with my life, but I can’t. He physically does not let me move on, and here’s how he does it:

1. He pleads

Even before I hit the “Block” button, he always just begs to not be blocked, as if me blocking him will just magically make him die on the spot.

2. He harasses

And when I do hit the “Block” button, he goes the extra mile to try to contact me. He will go to hell and back just to ask for me to unblock him. He usually does this by asking one (or even many) of my friends to message me telling me that I should unblock him. Here’s just some examples:

Matheus asking my friend GNZ to message me asking for me to unblock him Matheus asking my best friend TERA to message me asking for me to unblock him Matheus asking my friend GNZ to message me saying that he's sorry for making a joke about leaking my email Matheus asking my friend GNZ to message me about resolving our "beef"

There’s way more, but if I were to list them all here, it would take up the entire blog post.

3. He wins

This is the longest step, but after jumping through all those hoops, he finally convinces me to unblock him, and then I unblock.

4. He repeats

And then he repeats these steps everytime I block him.


Matheus always annoys and harasses me and other creators in the statistics community about everything. And even if we try to block Matheus, he will find ways to beg and convince us to unblock him. It’s a never-ending cycle.